Add a counter or GUID to the PDF file name

If you want the printer to generate file names automatically and have a counter or unique id as part of your file name, this will show you how.

When you open the printer options from the start menu, you can set a file name to use when a print job is created. This file name can contain tags, which are substituted with other values when printing.

Tags can give you information such as timestamps, user names, machine names, and much more. A couple of these tags have functionality for counters and unique id generators.

Here is an example where a counter is used.

Preset a file name with a counter

Every time the printer is used the <counter> tag will increase by one.

You can see a full list of available tags here:

The list also contains a <random> and a <guid> tag for generating file names with a random part or a GUID (globally unique identifier).

You can add parameters to counter and random tags. It is also possible to have multiple counters and you can preset values for these counters if you like.