About the programming interface for the virtual PDF printer driver.

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I use Bullzip in small networks and in single user enviroment from Microsoft Navision ERP (NAV 2009).

After I installed the version I suddenly got problems with file PORT.LOG.
It seems that this version doesn't create the PORT.LOG or deletes it after the job is finished. So I uninstalled the program and reinstalled the old version

Normally the PORT.LOG is created in the folder "%temp%\bullzip\pdf printer" but after the reinstall the old versionn the PORT.LOG is created as
"%temp%\bullzip\pdf printer\temp_<sessions_id>\PORT.LOG". Before I installed the new version I didn't have any problems with PORT.LOG. It was generated as expected.

Can this be correct?

I have to know where the PORT.LOG is created.
In Navision when you run a report there's 4 possibilities:

1) The user press escape and cancel the job
2) The user preview the result
3) The report genereates no print at all
4) The report generates data to Bullzip

After the report returns I try to find the PORT.LOG to determine if the report genereated data to Bullzip (4) otherwise it's 1, 2 or 3.
Before the the report is called the old PORT.LOG is deleted.

So I have some questions concerning this problem:

- is't possible to get the PORT.LOG-filename from the automation server?
- or can I control where the PORT.LOG-filename is generated?
- or can I get a flag from the automation server which indicates if Bullzip received data during the session?

Thanks in advance.

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