.NET issue

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.NET issue

Postby russgreen » Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:33 pm

I'm trying to use Bullzip and control the settings from my app.

Its an addin at that automates print jobs from some software. The printing aspect is fine. What I do is loop through selectred of sheets to print and send them 1 at a time to various outputs. One of which is PDF using Bullzip.

For Each sheet As ViewSheet In sheets
ExportPDF(sbFile & ".pdf", thisdoc, sheet)
End For

Private Sub ExportPDF(ByVal ExportFileName As String, ByRef thisdoc As Document, ByRef sheet As ViewSheet)
Dim pdfSettings As PdfSettings = New PdfSettings()
pdfSettings.PrinterName = PDFPRINTERNAME
pdfSettings.SetValue("Output", sFullPath)
pdfSettings.SetValue("ShowPDF", "yes")
pdfSettings.SetValue("ShowSettings", "never")
pdfSettings.SetValue("ShowSaveAS", "never")
pdfSettings.SetValue("ShowProgress", "no")
pdfSettings.SetValue("ShowProgressFinished", "no")
pdfSettings.SetValue("ConfirmOverwrite", "no")

End Sub

This works 100% of the time on the first sheet. After that its very random but sometimes its OK others the Bullzip save as dialog pops up which defeats the purpose of automation.

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Re: .NET issue

Postby jr » Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:39 pm


You may be in a situation where you overwrite an existing runonce.ini before it is picked up by the printer.

Take a look at this:

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Re: .NET issue

Postby russgreen » Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:39 pm


Added this after my print method and a quick test seems to have fixed it

Do While My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(pdfSettings.GetSettingsFilePath(True).ToString)
'check the runonce file has been removed before progressing.
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