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Having problems with SetValue with "Output"

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:25 am
by AlanGreyjoy
Hey there,

So I am having a problem with the "Output" setting during my prints.

I am making a plugin for a program called Rhinoceros 5. It's a CAD program. I will write in comments so you know what some of the code means.

As of right now, it half works. It seems to only get the pdf name, but not the entire directory that I want it to go to.
I know the directory exists, I know the string is correct, cause when I print the string to the command window (in rhino5) it shows the full path.
But for some reason, BullPDF only gets the file name that I send.

Below are more details.

Dim tbdPDFpath = cncDrive + getProjectFolder + "\" + origFileName + "\"
If color = False Then
If tbd = True Then
If view = "PartView" Then
Dim pdf As New PDFPrinterSettings()
pdf.SetValue("ShowPDF", "no")
pdf.SetValue("Output", tbdPDFpath + origFileName + "-" + "PV" + ".pdf")
rs.Print(tbdPDFpath + origFileName + "-" + "PV" + ".pdf") [#####Comment######]rs.print(output) prints a message in rhino5 command console. It shows the FULL path that bullzip is supposed to get.

With this here, this is what BullZip gets during print

It's supposed to get this

But for some reason, it's only getting this passed

ShowPDF works fine... and any other setting I try and pass... but for some reason, it wont accept the full dir path.

Any ideas???

Thanks :)