Unattended use, but variable file names?

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Unattended use, but variable file names?

Postby awjb » Wed May 25, 2011 4:27 pm


Is it possible to configure a PDF printer to output to a file name that changes each time a job is sent to it, whilst remaining unattended? For example, a user send a job to a PDF printer installed on a server that outputs to e:\PDFOutput\printjob1.PDF. The next time they print, it goes to e:\PDFOutput\printjob2.PDF and so on. They may want to send through 5 or 10 jobs, then pick them up when they need to. They won't want to print, pickup, print, pick up, print, pick up etc.

This will also be true for a 2nd printer on the server.

I hope this makes sense!


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