Interpreter version does not match

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Interpreter version does not match

Postby lane » Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:43 pm

When attempting to print after install (, I receive the following error message.

gs: Interpreter version (870) does not match revision (704).

I have tried several "fixes" from past threads on this subject, including..
1) placing gslite.exe in the same folder as the install.
2) installing full GS and placing the intalled files into a "gs" directory in the same folder as the install (changes the interpreter version to (906) in the error message).

I cannot locate in the file system. The only related document I have found is for GSView 4.9 that references setting the Ghostscript Include Path (a dialogue box in GSView Advanced Config page).

I have used gui.exe to find the configuration files, but there is no mention of a "Ghostscript Include Path" that I can tell.

I'm literally walking in circles.. any help would be appreciated.
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