Running BullZip on a Citrix environment

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Running BullZip on a Citrix environment

Post by pauli »

we have an environment where users are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV from a Citrix desktop. I have created a function in NAV for the user to print numerous NAV-reports into PDF-files at one go.

Problem is, that BullZip pdf-settings get mixed between different users when two or more users are creating the pdf:s at the same time. Looks like the automation classes are using same memory for settings like file name. This leads to a result that occasionally reports are named wrong, they are in a wrong folder or BullZip pops up asking for a file name even though the file name has been given programatically.

We have tested this in a multiuser environment with 5 concurrent users where NAV and BullZip are installed locally and everything goes fine. But as said earlier, things go wrong when run from Citrix desktop. BullZip is installed in the Citrix environment.

Any ideas, please?

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Re: Running BullZip on a Citrix environment

Post by jr »

Hi Pauli,

Something must be wrong because Bullzip PDF Printer supports Citrix and Terminal server. The temporary runonce.ini files are placed in a folder specific to the user. Therefore, the behavior you are describing should not be happening. Could you post some of your code, so that I can see it?

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