Default destination for output pdf file

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Default destination for output pdf file

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I am using Bullzip successfully to generate pdf files, both from (e.g.) Microsoft Word, and also under program control from Visual FoxPro (VFP), under Windows 7. This works fine. If I am doing this under program control I can specify (among other things) the destination folder where the pdf file is to be written.

When I print from Word, Excel or the internet, however, if I select ‘Bullzip PDF Printer’, the default destination folder is the Desktop.

I can indeed navigate to a different folder for the current output file. I would like to be able to set the default folder so that that is the folder which is offered when I selects this pdf printer.

I understand that there is a registry setting Software\Bullzip\PDF Printer\default. I have tried changing this by using Regedit but without success. Or is there a CONFIG or INI file which I need to alter to specify a default output folder for .pdf files.

Thanks. Andrew
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