Problem with link in pdf

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Problem with link in pdf

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I have a problem, please help me.

I created a hiperconnection (hiperlink - I dont know how it is in English) to the website in Microsoft Word 2007. In Microsoft Word it works. But when I change this file to pdf using Bull zip I lost this hiperconnection. There is a color and underlaying typical for a link, but ater clicking on that it doesn't open any website.

It is weard because the hiperconnection to email adress works (function "emailto:") in pdf.

Thank you for helping.
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Re: Problem with link in pdf

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Re: Problem with link in pdf

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I have seen this answer in the FAQ

jr wrote:
> See
If you define links in your document inside a program such as Microsoft Word then only the text is printed to the PDF file. The Adobe PDF Reader will recognize a text that shows a valid hyperlink and underline that text. This means that you have to type the entire web address or email address for the text to be recognized as a link in the resulting document.
But is there no chance that Bullzip could take over the "normal" Link and make it also possible that other PDF-Programs could recognize as Hyperlink ?
Because I have also some words which are working as Hyperlinks and Bullzip is not working with them.

I am doing a lot with LibreOffice and have several links in documents included and it is a headache when you have to go through the document and make all this links work.

I know that the PDF integrated in LibreOffice can work with this Hyperlinks, but for some other reason I would love when I could work with Bullzip.

Any chance ??

Thanks for a short information
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