Background PDF faulty

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Background PDF faulty

Post by Rukkulakki »

I have a computer that has serious issues when trying to use a background image. Trying to merge plain text with a pdf document. The background pdf is approx 400Kb large, however the resulting file is 11 Mb in size and takes 2 min to generate. Generating without background works without problem. Tried both generating the runonce settings, and with setting the values using gui.exe; same result for both. Using background "blows up" result, no background regular file (few Kb)
Running the exact same code on another computer generates the result with background instantly, and with proper size. Any suggestions as to where to look for the problem?

Other information:
The computer with the fault ran the newest (1319) version. Then noticed that the computer where it worked used 1195. Uninstalled 1319, installed 1195. Resulted in error every time loadsettings was called. Clean uninstall, restart, reinstal etc did not help. Had to reinstall 1319 to get loadsettings to work again.
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Re: Background PDF faulty

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Same problem. I found this solution it the forum:

It works for me on my 64-bits windows 7
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Re: Background PDF faulty

Post by lonemascot »

I had a similar problem to yours when merging a background to an excel file.

Excel file is usually around 190 kb and my background file is 2182kb.

My desktop using v7.1.1304 would output a file size of 293kb but my laptop using the same settings but on v7.1.1320 (latest at time of writing) would output at something like 7500kb. Actually increasing file size dramatically for one reason or another.

I followed the fix as mentioned above (by copying the downloaded bin files to C:Program files/bullzip/pdf printer) and this has definitely helped to some degree by allowing the file size to be output at 2140kb which has compressed the file only ever so slightly.

Is there any other ideas or fixes to allow the file output to be as compressed as it once was in ver 7.1.1304?

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Re: Background PDF faulty

Post by micieb »

The solution does not work for me. Any other ideas? On one client pc, everything is perfect (200kbfile) on the other client pc, i have an output of 3MB per file. This is not normal i presume? I tried the pdftk.exe file, but this has no effect.

Any idea or reply to this problem would be appreciated.
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