automaticaly print generated PDF

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automaticaly print generated PDF

Post by Teslen »

Is there any possibility to print automatically generated with "bullzipPDF printer" pdf file?

I need this:
when i chose "Bullzip PDF printer" in list of printers and make printing, BullzipPDF not only generates and saves PDF file but also automatically sends it for printing to common printer (HP laserJet).
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Re: automaticaly print generated PDF

Post by eivindteig »

There are many possibilities, adobe have a /p command you can use to print a pfd file, or like me i use foxit to do the same via command prompt. you could also buy an application to do this, directorywatch, but it is abit expensive.
i use a bat file that looks for changes in a dir every 10 seconds. when there is a change, the latest pdf file is printed via foxit.
you dont need a bat file, any programing language will work. you could just tell me more about your setup and i could help you find a solution that works best for you.
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