Bullzip creating faulty font information

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Bullzip creating faulty font information

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I recently installed Bullzip PDF Printer for use with SumatraPDF 1.9 and i found that when I opened some pdf written by Bullzip Printer and then selected some text SumatraPDF would not select the whole heigh of the text like this:


I though it was a SumatraPDF error so I opened a bug report and they fixed it here http://code.google.com/p/sumatrapdf/iss ... il?id=1839 saying that Bullzip was creating faulty font information
So I decided to install another pdfprinter to test it, so I installed CutePDF and printed the same test page and selected the same text and it did it right:


So I think it could be a bug in BullzipPDF??
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