Print only text give an error!

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Print only text give an error!

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Hi everybody!

We use an old software here, to generate some reports. These reports are printed on a dotmatrix printer. As I sayed, is an old (but very, very usefull for us) software, so it prints like an MS-DOS program, sending only text to the printer. So, it don't have a "setup" window to configure the printer. We can't select page size, font, etc. Because of this, we MUST configure the font directly on the printer. Is an EPSON LX-300 or FX880, and we MUST use "DRAFT CONDENSED" font, because there more than 80 characters on the line. If we not use "draft condensed", the text is cropped.

But now we want to print these reports on a laser or deskjet printers. The problem is: these printers DON'T HAVE a "font selection" button. ALL configuration is managed by windows. So, when we print the report, the text is printed in ARIAL font, and is cropped.

My first action was print the report directly on a PDF file. I install BullZip printer, but when I print, the text is on ARIAL and cropped, again. I try to configure a substitute font, but still cropped because the available fonts aren't condensed enought.

Then I have an idea: use the "GENERIC / TEXT ONLY" printer! I install it, setup all the commands to change the character size, and the trick: on "PORT" configuration I configure it to use "BULLZIP". But when I print I receive the following error:

"Error -2147467259: Unable to determine the application folder of the printer 'Generic / Text Only'. Reinstalling the printer using the setup program may fix the problem.
Source: LoadConfig::Bullzip.PdfWriter
Internal hint: Get the configuration for this PDF generation"

Even re-installing, the error persists... Even if I remove the commands.

Here you see how the report generated on both situations:

Anyone have an idea to print the report??
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