File size Bullzip pdf compared to Cute and Adobe7

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File size Bullzip pdf compared to Cute and Adobe7

Postby Dingy » Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:16 am

Because I was unhappy with the file size of Cute PDF compared to Adbobe7 and people were talking very positive about Bullzip I did a test with printing the website of Bullzip in pdf and a scanned document that was in MDI(Microsoft Document Imaging(OCR'ed).
Website Bullzip(2 pages)
1) Microsoft Document Imaging - 54KB
2) Bullzip in screen quality - 70kb
3) Bullzip in ebook quality - 70kb
4) Bullzip in default quality - 72kb
5) Bullzip in printer quality - 77kb
6) Bullzip in prepress quality - 79kb
7) Cute in archive quality(GS setting) - 98kb
8) Cute in speed quality(GS setting) - 104kb
9) Cute in portability quality(GS setting) - 104kb
10) Adobe7 smallest file size quality - 145kb
11) Adobe7 standard quality - 157kb
12) Adobe7 High Quality print - 190kb
13) Adobe7 press quality - 193kb
14) Adobe7 PDF-A quality - 566kb

The a scan from a newspaper(1page A4) that was already in MDI which I printed with the different pdf printer drivers from Microsoft Document Imaging:
1) Bullzip screen quality - 45kb (unreadable bad)
2) Adobe7 smallest file size quality - 56kb (unreadable bad)
3) Adobe7 default quality- 141kb (very descent pdf!)
4) Bullzip ebook quality - 220kb (descent pdf!)
5) Microsoft document imaging - 398kb (origineel)
6) Bullzip default quality - 594kb
7) Bullzip printer quality - 1024kb
8) Cute archive quality(GS setting) - 1242kb
9) Cute portability quality(GS setting) - 1242kb
10) Cute speed quality(GS setting) - 1242kb
11) Bullzip prepress quality - 1556kb
12) Adobe prepress quality - 2285kb
13) Adobe PDF-A - 2660kb

To see the documents yourself, I uploaded them to my skydrive: ... ew=details
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