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Printing seizure

Postby tommieb75 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:28 pm

Hi all,

I am experiencing a problem with Bullzip 6.0. 659, under XP Home with SP3. I have a physical printer (A HP) attached, and I use sumatrapdf to view the pdf documents that I create. Bullzip is set to 'Online' and the HP printer is set to default. The problem and issue I'm witnessing is this, when I go to print a pdf document AFTER specifying the HP Printer to use, the whole system seizes up, effectively a D-o-S to the computer, the disk is thrashing away in the background, and the HP prints out only two or three pages at the most even though the pdf document itself has at least 40 pages. My only cure was to shut down the spooler service, and when shutting it down, my reaction to all of this was, did bullzip kick in trying to generate a new pdf document from an existing pdf that I was trying to print hence the seizure. I had to switch off the whole computer. I am left with that impression that either bullzip or ghostscript have taken over the print spooler and any printing even if it's a small 5 or 6 page document takes forever. Has anyone experienced this and is there a workaround available?

Thanks for your time to read this,
Kind regards,
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