automation not working in logged out server state

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automation not working in logged out server state

Postby dush » Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:36 am


I got windows 2003 server.

i have created a .bat file to execute the msa2mys using command line option

the batch file is working fine when it is executed and access to mysql converstion starts perfectly fine. and i have put it in task scheduler on windows 2003 server.
it works fine when the server is in logged in state.

when it is in logged out state , it doesn;t start the conversion from access to mysql. however msa2mys.exe executes and i can see it running under task manager. but it takes 0% cpu and actual conversion is not working.

anyone having same problem or found the solution please write back. is it not loading the settings in logged out state or what else is happening i m not sure

thanks in advance. quick response will be appreciated.
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Re: automation not working in logged out server state

Postby basementjack » Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:35 am

not a quick reply, but most of the scheduling type problems are caused by permissions.
I would start by verifying that your job is running as the user you think it is. it may be running as a system account that doesn't have rights.
aslo be aware that it likely won't have access to any mapped drives, so if your file is on a remote server, \\server\share\file is better than z:\share\file
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