converting pdf files for use on kindle

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converting pdf files for use on kindle

Postby stephd » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:20 pm


I opened an ebrary book online at my university. I created a pdf of one of the chapters using bullzip. My goal is to be able to convert this pdf so that I can use it on my kindle (text to speech function, for example). Viewing it as a pdf on the kindle is not good enough.

I have tried many things, including of course the most obvious - trying to convert it with mobipocket creator, calibre, and the Amazon service. The problem is always that the body of text remains in the original pdf format (as an image, it seems), and the only parts which get converted for use on the kindle are the headers and footers, which are inserted on each page each time I create a pdf from ebrary, and state something to the effect that the book came from my university, is copyrighted, etc.

Any way to solve this? I have tried cutting and pasting just the text I want into a new pdf, getting rid of the headers and footers, but then nothing converts - after running it through Calibre, it is blank. It can't seem to read the text, can't seem to identify the words as words. Can I play with the settings somehow?

Thanks for the help.

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