Can't print in grayscale

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Can't print in grayscale

Post by madeinlisboa »

I can't print in grayscale no-mater settings I choose in the Bullzip PDF Printer Advanced Document Settings. As a matter of fact, none of the settings I choose there are kept and used. Why?
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Re: Can't print in grayscale

Post by TreeDoctor »

I had the same problem (which I how I found your post)... , with 100 views, but no answers.
I can't say I fully understand the issue, but I can offer what was a successful solution for me.

The problem occurred while trying to print from Adobe Reader (v.9.1)
I was trying to create a new .pdf from an existing .pdf, but formatted two pages per page, and in grayscale.
(Ooops... Make that "greyscale", as when I registered for this forum, it offered British English as my only option... So British it shall be.)
The two pages per page worked splendidly, but it would print only in colour.
Nothing I tried (which was a lot) could persuade it to generate greyscale.

It finally occurred to me to try opening the same document in Foxit Reader (which is a smashing good program, I strongly recommend).
The print dialog box from Foxit immediately offered a tick box to "Print as Grayscale" (sic!), and as soon as I selected it, the preview image switched to grey, as was the resulting .pdf document.

Just to check, I tried printing a colour test page from Microsoft Word, and it came out in greyscale as well.

So.... Bugger Adobe for wasting 30 minutes of my time.
Don't ask me why I used that wretched program in the first place, as I wouldn't be able to answer.

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