Regarding license types

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Regarding license types

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I have a fairly urgent inquiry that I have failed to received a reply for via "bullzip helpdesk" so I thought I'd give it a try here before completely giving up. So the issue/questions is regarding the following:

Our client company uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV software and has a need to automatically generate pdf files for variety of different document types. We, as developers, have succesfully completed the task by using free version of Bullzip and the tools it provides. However, the client company's users work on a server via RDP and therefore, every user but one (from whose account Bullzip was originally installed aka our developer account) keep generating PDFs with a red "Trial Text" mark on the bottom of documents pages. Understandably, this is due to the limitations of free Bullzip license.
Our client has decided to purchase the necessary Bullzip license in order to fix the above mentioned issue and has asked us to pick the correct license that would suit their company's needs. What would you recommend for:
- Client's Microsoft Dynamics NAV software is installed on a server and users access program by connecting via dedicated RDPs.
- There are approx. 2 - 5 active users that use PDF printer's service.

According to what's offered on your website it seems like the Professional edition with Volume licensing would be the best fit. That said, I would appreciate if you could clarify certains aspects:
1. For option "Volume Licensing 2-9 Users" price is $57/user, so if we proceed to checkout page, does that mean we have to increase the "Quantity" to match the number of users we plan to use the software on?
2. How exactly are the purchased licenses applied? Separately for every user or does the program automatically "pick up" Server users based on some sort of queue? Or is there some sort of universal application UI?

Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: Regarding license types

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Sorry that I did not reply to your email.

You need to set the number to 5 on the purchase page. After purchase, you get a license.xml file you put in the program folder. The license is currently based on trust, which means that it does not count the users. Your invoice is your proof of purchase.

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