Windows 2003 SBE Server

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Windows 2003 SBE Server

Post by tomywu »

According to the requirment list, the printer driver should work in 2003. However, I can install it on my 2003 SBE Server but when it print, a que appears but it never complete the printing and the "target file name" windows never come up. Anyone can help?

P.S. It works perfect on my other PC with Win XP.

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Post by jr »

Is that still a problem with the latest version?

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Windows 2003 Server shared printer

Post by tlappalainen »


I installed PDF driver to 2003 server and defined global.ini. Printing on server console worked fine and it created .pdf to defined common disk. Unfortunately driver did nothing, when printing to shared printer from other computer, which has logged on as normal user. The normal user has rights to printer and common disk. Any ideas how to get this running on server as shared printer?
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Post by jr »

Running as a shared printer is not supported at the moment.

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Post by robgielen »

the problem is that if i print the temp dir is:

C:\WINDOWS\Temp\BullZip\PDF Printer

where can i change that parameter? If the user has full control over that directory (or let say write) then it does something.

Can somebody say where i can change that, then i think, we can use this nice PDF printer on our server :wink:

Look at the LOG output:

[MyStartDocPort] Start Doc
[MyStartDocPort] Session Id: d25c9ca9-35c6-4347-92d2-d56872925ff1
[MyStartDocPort] Printer Name: PDF Printer
[MyStartDocPort] DocumentName: ... light=wind
[MyStartDocPort] Printer Job - Machine Name: \\COMPUTER
[MyStartDocPort] Printer Job - User Name: rob
[b][MyStartDocPort] Postscript file name: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\[/b][MakePDF] Work Area: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\
[MakePDF] PostScript: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\
[MakePDF] Build parameter string for GUI
[MakePDF] Postscript file: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\
[MakePDF] Document Name is : ... light=wind
[MakePDF] Printer Name is : PDF Printer
[MakePDF] GUI parameters: ps="C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\", sessionid="d25c9ca9-35c6-4347-92d2-d56872925ff1", doc="", printer="PDF Printer"
[RunGUI] Launch GUI
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: Start
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 1
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 2
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 3
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 4
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 5
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 6
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 7
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 9
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: End
[MakePDF] Cleanup
[MakePDF] Status: Success

That is printed by on of the clients.

Rob ( if found the solution, then i let you know!)
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