Access To MSSQL - Error transfer

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Access To MSSQL - Error transfer

Post by gibra »

When start transfer, I receive this error:

- Table 'Percorsi' created
Error moving data
Error: -2147217900
Reason: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Parameters supplied for object 'Percorsi' which is not a function. If the parameters are intended as a table hint, a WITH keyword is required.
SQL: INSERT INTO [Percorsi] () VALUES (1, N'FATTURE 2015', N'\\srvfs01\gruppi$\Brasile\Amministrazione\Dati BWB\FATTURE BRASILE\FATTURE 2015\fatture bwb 2015.xlsx', N'giorgio', NULL, '2015-08-25 09:33:24', NULL, 0)
Transfer was aborted

I don't kow why? :(
On Access db this table PERCORSI work fine.

Another problem about Date.
All fields of DATE type are set automatically to datetime(27).

I uninstalled this version and installed again the previous version, this problem doesn't occur.

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Re: Access To MSSQL - Error transfer

Post by jr »


Please go to and upload a sample database that will help me reproduce the problem :-)

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