About Bullzip.com

The bullzip.com site was launched in 2002 by a small group of programmers. It is our ambition to make first class software available to as many people and organizations as possible. The more people that use the software the better it becomes. It is THAT simple!

Most of our software is free or at very little cost. Our users fund the continued development of the software by making donations. We think the donation model is great because everybody can afford to donate and the amounts can reflect the value of the software in a user specific context.

Today we have millions of user across the globe. A typical user is everything from a single person to huge international enterprises, banks, humanitarian organizations, and governments.

If you have comments or requests to our existing programs please send us an email using the contact form. In case you have an idea to a new utility that would make your life easier please feel free to tell us.

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