Most licenses are sold directly to customers worldwide. However, we have many registered resellers who help their customers implement software. If you have your own customers and would like to sell our products to them, then we can offer you special discounts. Our resellers help us build knowledge about the products and they learn how the work with our products because they have multiple installations. This will reduce the amount of support we handle per sold license and this allows us to sell the products with a discount.

Becoming a Reseller

To become a reseller, you simply use the contact form and ask for reseller status. There is no paperwork or special requirements that you have to meet. We have both small consulting companies and very big specialized software resellers signed up.

Please write a bit about why you want to resell the software and what amount of licenses you estimate you will order per year. This will help us evaluate if it is a good fit or not.


When placing an order as a reseller, you typically want the invoice billing information to match your company and the license details should be those of the end customers. You can easily do this by entering your own information in the billing information and then specify the end user details when asked for delivery information.