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Find and Replace

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Ordinary search and replace functionality taken to the database level.

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This tool enables you to search for text strings in a database. It works in a similar way to a find and replace operation in a text editor except that it works on tables and fields in a database.

Once you have specified the connection information to your database, you can select the tables and fields you want to search. Currently the database types Access, MS SQL, and MySQL are supported.

You can either just search for text or you can replace the found text with another text string.

A replace operation cannot be undone. Therefore, you have to be cautious when you do a replace. In order to help you prevent an error you have the ability to preview the changes of a replace operation before you actually run it.


Use the download link at the top of the page to get the setup program. Once you have downloaded the setup program you simply run it to install the program.


This program requires Microsoft Windows XP or newer with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 installed.


The program can be removed by using the Add or Remove program feature under Microsoft Windows.

Demo Version

The unregistered demo version will only work on the first 100 records in each table. It is hopefully sufficient to demonstrate how the tool works.


You can get a licensed copy of the program for $29.

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