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Used in small installation with one or two computers to large enterprises with Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix environments, or large print servers with 100+ virtual printers. Today, the printer is used by IT departments and hosting providers.


Save documents directly to the user's folders and secure them using advanced encryption. The product is FIPS compliant and supports wiping of temporary files using DOD standards, which makes it suitable for handling confidential information.


Needless to say, a well-used PDF printer can save your organization a lot of paper. This has a direct environmental and financial impact. Furthermore, the transport of documents will be electronic and improve speed and lower overall carbon emission.



Medium to large size customers are offered software maintenance that covers support and updates. Maintenance is optional.

Up to date

You can use the PDF Printer with the latest Microsoft Windows version for both clients and servers.


Installation can be done via a simple setup program. You can also use GPO with MSI packages. Both online and offline installation is supported.


Encrypt your documents using simple 40-bit and 128-bit encryption. You can also step up your security and use modern AES 128/256-bit encryption.

Industry Standards

The product utilizes industry standards such as FIPS compliant algorithms, DOD class file wiping, AES encryption and achievable PDF/A-1b documents.

Digital Signatures

Digital signing of documents is supported with cost efficient certificates. These certificates can be stored in files or the Windows certificate store.


You can automatically upload the created documents using FTP or Secure SFTP. Both passwords and certificates can be used for authentication of client and server.

Developer API

Programmers can control settings in the printer using a comprehensive API. This API can be access via COM, Microsoft.NET, or the command line.

Paper Sizes

You will find that the printer has good support for commonly used architectural paper sizes. Custom paper sizes can also be created if you need it.

Multiple Printers

Personal computers or large print servers can host multiple instances of the printer. Each one can be configured with individual settings for specific use.

Option Sets

Commonly used settings for PDF creation can be saved as options sets. Users can have individual option sets or share them.

Merge Documents

The print job can be merged with other print jobs on the go. You can merge existing documents in front of or after the print job.

Print on Letterheads

Specify a PDF with a letterhead and print on top of it. You can print on top of existing documents or overlay PDF documents.

Append to Existing PDF

Print to the PDF printer and append to an existing document. Keep adding your prints and build the final document from multiple print jobs.

Automatic Naming

A wide variety of macros can be used in automatic file creations. You can insert date, time, counters, and much more to facilitate intelligent naming.

Hide Dialogs

All user input can be automated and the dialogs that are normally shown during printing can be hidden.

Our happy users

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At RecordQuest, we use Bullzip at one of our large clients in a print server environment. We have over one hundred virtual printers installed on the server and configured individually for each user. No other PDF printer we have tried has as many options and is as easy to configure as Bullzip. One of the features I like most is that the configuration happens through simple text files. This makes it extremely easy to control in an environment with many users or where you want to script the setup. When we had questions about options or ran into issues, Bullzip's support not only responded quickly but was extremely knowledgeable. We rarely run into issues though. It works as intended and is very reliable. We couldn't be happier to have discovered this flexible and well-performing software. The value we're getting from Bullzip greatly exceeds the cost. I wholeheartedly recommend Bullzip for your enterprise PDF printing needs.
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I have to do a plethora of conversions over the next month or two - around 300 documents, several pages each, using Bullzip as an incredible time-saving tool. Otherwise I would have to print hundreds of pages out and scan them in to make a PDF file, and then rename each file, and move it to a specific location by client name. I can't overly emphasize my gratitude for such a useful utility.
Jay Goldthwaite, Investment Executive, IT Specialist, LaSalle St. Securities



  • Ideal for home use.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Good value for money.
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  • Ideal for business use.
  • Advanced features.
  • Best value for money.
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  • Best for legal documents.
  • Enterprise grade features.
  • Super advanced use.
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