Bullzip PDF Printer vs. BioPDF PDF Writer?

We are often asked what the difference is between these two products. Is the Bullzip PDF Printer an alternative to the BioPDF PDF Writer?

It all started with the Bullzip PDF Printer. After some time as a freeware product it created a need for a commercial version. A commercial version with the same set of features was created. With a real software company behind it, we could support customers and issue licenses.

BioPDF PDF Writer is the commercial twin of the Bullzip PDF Printer. Seen from a technical point of view they are very similar except for the branding. Software developers who integrate with the products will notice a small difference in names of the COM objects and Microsoft.NET assemblies. However, the features of these APIs are the same. In addition, the API function names are the same. This means that you can easily switch between the two products by changing a couple of references in your programming projects.

License conditions also differ for the two products. The Bullzip edition is free for up to 10 users whereas the BioPDF edition is free for personal use only. If you buy a license at www.biopdf.com then you can use the license for both products. This means that you do not have to install the other product if you want to switch to a commercial model.

The same group of people maintains both products. We support ourselves financially through the commercial users and web site donations.

Support for the commercial product line is prioritized over the free one. Users of the free product can help each other out at the forum.