Patch Parent Paths

Quick guide to replacing parent paths in include file statements in an entire ASP application.

Local Web Sites

The local web sites list lets you choose from web sites on your computer. Only web sites registered as applications in the local IIS will show up in this list. When you choose a specific web site the Physical and Virtual paths are set automatically. Choose Custom if you want to work on files that are not registered as a web site under IIS. This will allow you to specify a Physical and a Virtual path for your ASP Application.

Physical Path

The physical path must point to the folder on your hard drive where the web site files are located. This folder and all sub folders will be scanned for include statements with parent references of type ../

Virtual Path

When all parent references are replaced with virtual references we must specify the virtual path to the root of the ASP application. In most cases the virtual reference is just a / (slash). However, if you run multiple web sites on the same IIS from different folders you most likely use these folder names as application names. This will require the virtual path to be /myapp if your application is named myapp.

Backup Your Files

This tool will patch the files located in the Physical Path specified and all sub directories.