Installing PDF Printer

This is a description of how you install the Bullzip PDF Printer. The dialogs shown in this walk-through is from an installation on Windows 10. If you have a different version of Windows, the dialogs may look slightly different.

When you run the downloaded setup program it will ask for administrator access to install the software on your PC.

The first step of the installation will prompt you for the preferred language. This will determine the language of the installation process and the default language for the installed PDF printer. You can always change this later in the PDF printer options dialog.

A license agreement is shown after the language selection.

The PDF printer depends on other components to run. It can download these components automatically for you. Normally, you want to install all these components. They are all needed for specific features and does not contain any mallware as you sometimes find with other software installers.

Installation can take a short while. Be patient.

When the installation is finished, this screen is shown.

You are new ready to print your first PDF file.